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Booth Level Officers (BLOs) are serving Officers of the Government or Local bodies.They are appointed by the Electoral Registration Officer under Section 13 B(2) of Representation of the People Act, 1950 after obtaining approval of the District Election Officer. They are appointed for carrying out the work of revision/preparation of electoral roll as and when required. According to Section 13 B (2) of Representation of the People Act,1950, An electoral registration officer may, subject to any prescribed restrictions, employ such persons as he thinks fit for the preparation and revision of the electoral roll for the constituency. BLOs would continue to discharge the responsibilities assigned to them by their parent offices and would remain generally under the control of their administrative department.They perform the work of BLO in addition to their normal duties.They have to perform this work outside office hours and holidays so that it does not affect their normal official duties.

BLO is a representative of Hon'ble Election Commission of India at the grass root level who play a pivotal role in the process of Roll Revision and collecting actual field information with regard to the Electoral Roll corresponding to polling area assigned to him/her.

Chapter 5 of Manual on Electoral Rolls, the Hon'ble Election Commission of India has envisaged the duties and responsibilities of BLO.

The State of Kerala has at present 25149 Polling Stations and there is one BLO in each PS.

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